For students of Generation Z, Generation Alpha, the use of the internet and modern communication tools seems to have become an inevitable part of life. In particular, in the context of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, schools have quickly converted the form of learning from face to face to online to ensure the safety of students, families and communities. 

Because of that, the time students spend on computers and the internet also increases every day, even when there are no parents around to supervise. 

However, not all of the students know and understand how to use technology and the internet safely and effectively as well as recognize the risks that may happen to them in cyberspace. This makes a lot of parents worried, which leads to the fact that they would like to supervise their children, especially those who are at Primary and Secondary school. 

⭐ Accordingly, over the past time, Hanoi Adelaide School collaborated with Cyber ​​Kid Vietnam to organize the experience activity “AN TOÀN TRÊN KHÔNG GIAN MẠNG” (SAFETY IN CYBERSPACE) for elementary and middle school students. With the aim of providing students with the most basic knowledge about network security, identification signs and how to avoid threats in cyberspace; practice handling situations when being attacked in cyberspace such as: stealing personal information, cyber sexual abuse, etc.

⭐ Lessons are designed to suit each grade level. Besides, teachers also use images such as superheroes Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doremon to make the lesson friendlier and more memorable.  

⭐ In particular, in experience activities, the students also immediately applied knowledge into practice through communication products about network security. 

Let’s look at some products of students from Hanoi Adelaide School through the photos and videos below. 

Designing products such as posters and videos to warn about risks in cyberspace and build 5K principles in cyberspace will help students remember the lessons and apply them to real life more flexibly and proactively.

Student’s poster after the experience

The experience activity at Hanoi Adelaide School is an official learning activity of the School, so the learning content is also integrated, which helps students to apply the knowledge and skills into practice.

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