“This is the school that I am extremely impressed with, from the smile of the security guard to the friendliness of the teachers here. With a personalized route from 6th grade, towards the dual Vietnamese high school – Australian high school diploma program with the SACE International route, Hanoi Adelaide School will be a good environment for Pump to develop what is available and capable. She may explore more strengths and other skills, the first step for self-directed future career, ready to step out into the world of integration. The school perfectly matches Pump’s abilities and orientation.” Those are the sharings from Mr. Tung, father of student Ha Lam Truc from the early days when he came to Hanoi Adelaide School.

lam truc HAS

Surely, many parents know Ha Lam Truc (Pump), a little girl from Bac Son Primary School (Lang Son). Besides her impressive academic record and outstanding English language ability, Lam Truc is also a multi-talented girl with the ability to voice cartoons, rapping and hip-hop dancing.

Moreover, recently, Lam Truc participated in the evaluation of the H.A.S Lighthouse scholarship at Hanoi Adelaide School and became one of the highest achieving students.

To get these “sweet fruits”, Lam Truc always has his father, Tung, accompanying throughout her journey of learning and growing up, from studying at Lang Son to practicing English communication skills at Hồ Gươm (Hanoi).

Lam Truc HAS

It is a pleasure because right from the “first meeting”, Hanoi Adelaide School has left Lam Truc and his father – Mr. Tung very good impressions.

And even more exciting, in the school year 2021-2022, Lam Truc and his father have decided to choose Hanoi Adelaide School as the environment to accompany their children in their learning-study journey, equipping them with knowledge and skills to be ready to step into the new future.

Let’s look forward to Lam Truc’s stories at Hanoi Adelaide School in the near future!


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