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Do you know that a new journey starts when you attend high school? Different from primary or secondary school level, studying at high school, students not only have to equip themselves with knowledge, but they also need to figure out who they are in the near future.

Here are some problems high school students may encounter: Conflict in relationships with parents and friends; Loss of direction in finding dreams and addressing what they need or want; Ways they can do to achieve their goals…

“LEARNING WHAT MATTERS” is a short course helping students who were born in 2006 with the first step to recognize and address the essential skills they need to have in the next journey of learning. As a result, they can be active and responsible for their choices in the future.

The prestigious, experienced teachers will accompany students, share and inspire them. Those dedicated teachers are surely known by all “GEN Z” students. Who are they?

Mr. NGUYEN PHU HOANG LAN – Doctor of Mathematics at Purdue University (USA)

  • Academic Director of Hanoi Adelaide School; Lecturer at University of Science and Technology – Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  • Professional advisor of famous educational programs such as: Conquer (VTV6); Learn well (VTV7); Because of the stature of Vietnam (VTV1),…
  • Many-year experience in teaching Maths at prestigious schools in the US and Vietnam such as Purdue University, New Hampshire (USA), Chu Van An, Hanoi Adelaide School, etc.

Mr. NGUYEN THANH NAM – Doctor of Physics, PhD student at Joseph Fourier University (France) and Louis Neel Laboratory

  • Lecturer at Military Technical Academy; More than 10 years of experience in teaching Physics, Advanced Mathematics and Soft Skills 
  • Professional advisor and physics teacher on National Education TV channel VTV7
  • Teaching methods focus on developing three factors: Self-study ability; Acquired knowledge and skills to apply knowledge in practice.

Mr. VU KHAC NGOC – One of the most famous online teachers in Vietnam

  • The number 1 online education expert in Vietnam with more than 400,000 followers
  • Always aiming for innovation and pioneering in teaching methods that apply knowledge into practice


  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teacher – Australian High School Program (SACE International)
  • Teaching methods focus on developing critical thinking and international integration to help high school students prepare for university and further education.

Ms. PHAM THU TRANG – Master of TESOL, University of Sunderland (UK)

  • Vice Principal of Hanoi Adelaide School; Coordinator of the Australian High School Program (SACE International)
  • 10 year experience in teaching English at all levels of international programs (IB, A-level), IELTS, General English

Ms. DUONG THI TRANG – Master of Hanoi National University of Education

  • Vice Principal of Hanoi Adelaide School
  • Many-year experience of teaching SEL (Social and Emotional Education)

Teaching Assistant NGUYEN DO QUYNH ANH

  • The valedictorian of the Australian-Vietnamese Integration Program Hanoi Adelaide School
  • Top 9% of students with the highest Australian high school graduation results worldwide
  • Won valuable scholarships at world-renowned universities such as University of Western Sydney, Flinders University, University of South Australia, etc.


  • Participants: Grade 9 students, born in 2006 in Hanoi
  • Class duration: 06 sessions, from June 25 to July 2, 2021 (except Saturday, Sunday)
  • Format: Online. Limited to 100 students only. The Organization Board reserves the right to refuse in case the number of registrations exceeds the specified limit.
  • Attendance commitment fee (paid before class time): 500,000 VND (Fee will be 100% refunded when students attend all 06 lessons.)

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