Teacher shared the activities that Hanoi Adelaide School has been doing and will do to make online teaching and learning more and more effective.

It was especially emphasized that no matter how it is organized, all educational activities at Hanoi Adelaide School are built on the concept of Student’s learning is central, student is the center of the learning process.

In the era of complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is undeniable that online learning will always be the optimal measure to ensure the safety of teachers, students and the whole community. Online learning activities are no longer strange to many students and teachers across the country.

The proactive adaptation and quick response of Hanoi Adelaide School teachers was recognized and spread at the program “Sống mới“, channel VTV1, Vietnam Television.

Let’s look forward to the innovations and creativity in online teaching and learning activities at Hanoi Adelaide School through the video below: https://youtu.be/pFJ76v-4t0U

To learn about the school’s educational methods, please register here: https://bit.ly/thamquanhas

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