Our Teachers


Ever Garrison, an educator, said: “A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, & wisdom in the pupils”.

As teachers, we believe that every student needs to learn, but not in the same way and not on the same days and at the same times. Students need to be given numerous opportunities, regardless of anywhere, anytime, to show off their unique abilities that only they have. Moreover, we also believe that inside every child is a passion. That passion, if nurtured, will start and spur on to adventures of discovery. 

As teachers, we are the ones to suggest and accompany the children on those adventures. The curiosity and potential of every student will be activated, nurtured and developed with Hanoi Adelaide School.

Dr. Nguyen Phu Hoang Lan – Academic Director

At Hanoi Adelaide School, we determine that the self-dependence and creativity of teachers in adapting teaching-learning methods, learning topics, researching pedagogical and professional issues is one of the key points to identify the purpose of educating students based on Self-Mastered – Self-Dependent – Responsible principle.

Not only do we need to acknowledge and respect the uniqueness and difference of students, but we also set a requirement for teachers’ general awareness towards the educational goals of developing students’ competencies and qualities. Along with the unity of educational goals, we value the sharing and fostering of pedagogical beliefs between school and teachers. This common awareness is the basis for our school to recruit and train teachers regularly and periodically in order to meet the requirement of integration and classification of the education program and develop the teaching staff who are open-minded, enthusiastic and empathetic to the students and their parents.

Along with training sessions to improve professional qualifications and pedagogical competence, we encourage, facilitate and motivate teachers to always self-study and innovate. Proactive changing, adjusting and updating the 21st century knowledge and skills, teachers will be an example and inspiration for students while studying and living at school.

Hanoi Adelaide School

Pioneer in Competency-based Education