Each student is a unique difference, with their competencies, passions and  unique personalities. In the Human Of H.A.S category, or called by another interesting way – H2O, we will discover a lot of faces at Hanoi Adelaide School with different colors, but all extremely prominent and shining in their own way. 

Let’s get acquainted with Nguyen Ngan Anh (grade 7A1) – a student with a passion for art, especially drawing! Ngan Anh shared: “I love drawing very much and while studying at Hanoi Adelaide School, I had a lot of chances to pursue my passion. At school, I enjoy using a variety of colors and drawing tools. In particular, I am very happy to be able to participate in many interesting and useful experiences in art, the most memorable being the school decoration activities. The teachers knew that I was very interested and had a talent for drawing, so they gave me a separate wall in the cafeteria to be creative.”

Besides, Ngan Anh is also gifted in sports and actively participates in energetic tournaments at Hanoi Adelaide School. She has excellently won 6 first and second prizes in many sports in the “Healthy Living” experience for middle school students.

As an active student, Ngan Anh participated in the “H.A.S In Me” contest and shared her feelings and thoughts about Hanoi Adelaide School. With a video invested in images as well as content, and inspirational words, she won the third prize thanks to your enthusiastic support and votes.

Thu Hang, Ngan Anh’s mother shared: “I feel very happy to witness the growth and positive development of my child. Ngan Anh has become extremely confident and really proactive when given the opportunity to express herself.”

Watch the interesting and emotional video below of Ngan Anh – the product that helped her win the third prize of the H.A.S In Me contest to get to know and learn more about this dynamic and energetic student.

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