Life is always changing that requires children to practice independence from an early age to adapt to any circumstances in all social life. A typical example of this is the ability to self-service, self-planning.

So, how independent do you need to maximize your own abilities but at the same time integrate into society and show responsibilities to the community?

With the orientation to become a pioneer school in education integration, humanity and harmony with nature, Hanoi Adelaide School is a school that helps children create and develop their capacity and qualities to master knowledge, be prepared for international integration.

In particular, the boarding-learning at Hanoi Adelaide School is the answer that parents are looking for with the hope of helping their children become self- mastered, self-dependent and mature day by day. 

In the school year 2021-2022, the second campus project of H.A.S is officially open with modern and large study-space and dormitory.

  • The campus brings a close environment with an attempt to create the maximum conditions for students developing their self- mastered, self-dependent ability.
  • The dormitory area is more than 2000m2 with a convenient system of bedrooms, common rooms, and self-study rooms..
  • The dormitory is designed separately from the learning area. 
  • It is only 20-30 minutes from the center of Hanoi. 

The boarding program offers a scientific learning-experience that helps students become SELF-MASTERED, SELF-DEPENDENT AND RESPONSIBLE. 


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Hanoi Adelaide School

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