The 2020-2021 school year has come to the end with ups and downs but full of happiness. Let’s watch the video “Hanoi Adelaide School – A year of looking back” to look back on the past school year.

The end of the school year is the time for parents, teachers and Hanoi Adelaide School students to look back on the memorable journey with many challenges, ups and downs and the learning results that everyone made lots of efforts to get.

Parents and students must have remembered the online Opening Ceremony of the 2020-2021 School Year. The message “Activating Change” has been a push, a catalyst for positive changes of Hanoi Adelaide School teachers and students. This change is reflected in the remarkable ability to adapt quickly and effectively in teaching – learning activities throughout the school year.

Despite ups and downs of the past school year, Hanoi Adelaide School students didn’t miss learning activities on special occasions, such as “ Mid-Autumn Festival – Connection”, “ Mysterious Halloween”, “Christmas – Let the confetti fly”. Through these activities, students had the chance to experience, integrate different cultural identities all over the world and participate in interesting activities, such as doing research, making a presentation in English about the festival’s origin and decorating their classroom in accordance with topics,…The Vietnamese Teacher’s Day with the message “Understand to accompany” was also an unforgettable event  when both parents and students had the opportunity to experience a day of teacher – making decision, planning the lesson and delivering it in class.

Throughout the school year, students had the chance to take part in 10 experiential topics aiming at positive development in capacity, physical and mental health, such as  Book Fair – “Unlimited Reading”, Steam Fair – “Colorful Life”, “Healthy Living” and Exploring the Universe”,…Having been not limited in the classroom space, diverse experiences have provided opportunities for students to be freely creative, passionate and confident to explore the world.

What’s more, teachers and students of Hanoi Adelaide School actively participated in large scale events about Maths and Science all over the country.

At the “Open Math Day”, Dr. Nguyen Phu Hoang Lan – Academic Director of school delivered a thematic lecture: “ABOUT THE HIGH SCHOOL MATH PROGRAM 2018 AND UK A-LEVEL PROGRAM” – this is the only thematic lecture of the day. At the event, Hanoi Adelaide School students also participated in organizing the “Chill with mathematics”, exchanging and sharing their passion about Mathematics.

 Besides, Hanoi Adelaide School is one of the 2 representatives to participate in the International Exhibition – Viet Nam Innovation 2021 organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, to introduce the positive changes in learning and teaching activities. At the event, HAS students demonstrated their bravery, confidence and independence when giving presentations about products and learning projects such as publicly automatic hand washing machines, smart housen automatic watering systems…in front of the guests of the exhibition.

The last school year also marked the efforts of grade 12 students, Australia – Vietnam Integrated Program and Intensive H.A.S. 100% of the students in the first year of Integrated Program graduated with Australian high school diplomas, which are valued globally. The valedictorian Nguyen Do Quynh Anh reached the top 9% of the world’s highest ATAR scores. Besides, grade 12 students of 2 programs have excellently won many valuable scholarships from many prestigious Universities in the world and all over the country.

Finally, the 2020-2021 school year has come to the end with the online Closing Ceremony with 3 separate themes for 3 school levels. Hanoi Adelaide School hopes that this special Closing Ceremony will help us to stay positive and be ready to face up to any situation in this challenging time.

It’s even more exciting when the innovations in teaching-learning activity of HAS teachers and students are recognized and mentioned on many media channels such as the New Life program (VTV1), Vietnam Today (VTV1),…or trustworthy electronic magazines like VNexpress, Dan Tri, Education Times,…

Wishing all students and teachers a very happy and meaningful summer holiday with family in order to get ready for an exciting new school year!

Parents, teachers and students, please watch the video “ Hanoi Adelaide School – A year of looking back” to enjoy special and meaningful moments in the past school year.

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