Last week was a memorable week for Hanoi Adelaide School, when the school continuously received good news from its 12th grade students. 

The good news comes not only from the students of the Australian-Vietnamese Integrated High School Program , but also from the students of the Intensive High School Program when they received scholarships from major universities in Japan and the Netherlands.

Nguyen Tung Duong from class 12A2 – HAS Intensive High School Program has excellently received valuable scholarships from 2 prestigious universities of the Netherlands and Japan. 

Duong received a scholarship from HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) – one of the top 5 largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)- ranked in the top 21 universities in Japan (according to Times Higher Education). 

In particular, Duong received a scholarship from the Dutch Government and a HAN Talent Scholarship – HAN University of Applied Sciences (This is a scholarship fund for students with good academic achievements).

Duong shared, “ When I decided to choose a major in communication at university, besides my passion and ability, I also realized that this is a highly applicable major and great career opportunities not only in Vietnam but also around the world ”.

As a student with a passion in the field of communication and media, Duong also actively seeks out playgrounds to help him demonstrate his abilities and strengths such as participating in The Light program organized by CISV JB Vietnam. , participating in community connection activities…  

“Studying at Hanoi Adelaide School also helped me to create my own qualities and abilities, especially the “self- oriented ability”. That assists me to be ready to answer the question “What will I become in the future?” – Tung Duong shared. 

It’s a pleasure for Hanoi Adelaide School to help you pursue your dream

Let’s share the joy with Tung Duong, his family and Hanoi Adelaide School here!

The high school at Hanoi Adelaide School runs two programs as the followings: 

◾ Intensive Program: Students get exposed to English as a second language; Master the knowledge and skills to enter domestic and foreign universities; Take the first step to pursue the dream and suitable job.

◾ Dual Degree Program: Hanoi Adelaide School is the first school which runs the Integrated Program between the Australian High School Program and the Vietnamese High School approved by the Ministry of Education and Training. Students graduating from the dual degree system will receive an official Australian high school diploma (globally recognized), which facilitates the aim of studying abroad and entering top universities in the world.


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