The entrance exam to class 10 in the 2021-2022 school year in Hanoi will consist of 4 independent exams, including History. History is often said to be a subject which has to learn by heart and is difficult to remember because of many facts and information.

However, at Hanoi Adelaide School, History has long become one of the most popular subjects thanks to the effective teaching-learning method of the teachers.

For the best achieving of History’s result, students will set a score goal according to their ability. To do this, students must first measure their ability by taking a self-assessment test. They can use previous years’ exam questions to do and measure their own strength.

To prepare for the upcoming exam, Ms. Van Anh, Doctor of History Teaching Methodology, Vice Principal of the school shared some tips for studying History to achieve high results such as:

✅ Identify some common mistakes when studying History.

✅ Break down learning-practicing goals.

✅ Break down skills of doing exercises.

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