Completing the Australian-Vietnamese High School Integrated Program at Hanoi Adelaide School, students receive diplomas from Australian and Vietnamese high schools. Students’ academic results are converted to ATAR scores – Australia’s University Rankings Score, which is globally recognized.

With a high school diploma, students have the opportunity to be admitted directly to leading universities in Vietnam and around the world, such as National Economics University, University of Sydney (Australia), Lancaster University (UK), …

Outstanding advantages of the Australian-Vietnamese Integrated High School Program:

  • Saving up to 80% of the cost compared to studying abroad in Australia and still receiving an official Australian high school diploma, equivalent to that as studying in Australia.
  • Graduating with ATAR scores in just 2.5 years, straight into universities around the world without spending 1 year and ten thousands dollars to study pre-university.
  • Do not have to study and get the IELTS if you are planning to apply to an Australian university.


Candidates for Admission:

  • Students who have completed the secondary school program in Vietnam or the equivalent grade abroad, desired to enter Grade 10 in 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Students with IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. Children who do not fulfill English requirements can join the Preparatory Course of the School.

Study program:

The Dual Diploma Program helps students reduce their workload compared to studying two separate Australian and Vietnamese programs. In particular, the Australian high school program includes 5 subjects:

  • 04 compulsory subjects, to equip students with essential skills for success at University and beyond: EAL (English as an Additional Language), Mathematics Methods, Research Project (Research Project), Business Innovation.
  • 01 elective subject (students choose one suitable for their future orientation, strengths and personal interests): Economics, Creative Arts, Integrated Science.

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