The school year 2020-2021 has come to an end, marking the hard-working journey of 12th grade students at Hanoi Adelaide School. Facing the challenges and fluctuations with confidence and bravery, 12th graders have received a lot of “sweet fruits” after a long journey in high school.

H.A.S students have excellently won many valuable scholarships. Moreover, they have been directly admitted to prestigious universities all over the world. In particular, students in the 12th grade have developed their self-directed skill, which is reflected in their independence and self-control when determining their goals. As a consequence, They show their determination and unremitting efforts to pursue passion.

  • Hoang Phi Long (Class 12S1)

Hoang Phi Long (12S1) is an outstanding student who has received an offer of admission and a scholarship of $9,000/year from State University of New York – Oswego, one of the top 10 public schools in the South of the United States (according to US News).

With a passion for science, technology and mathematics, Phi Long actively participates in major competitions and activities to challenge himself and develop his ability. Phi Long was a member of the Hanoi Adelaide School team in the American International Computer Science League and won to enter the 4th round thanks to his outstanding creative thinking. Besides, he is extremely confident to participate in useful self-development experiences such as summer camp activities organized by the Dutch Embassy.

In the near future, apart from this opportunity to study abroad in the US, Phi Long is considering choosing the Academy of Finance as a destination for the university.

  • Nguyen Tung Duong (Class 12A2)

The student with the soul of an artist – Nguyen Tung Duong who has excellently received valuable scholarships from reputable schools in the world such as HAN University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and University of Science and Technology. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan).

With a passion for the field of communication, Duong actively participates in playgrounds that help promote his capacity and strengths such as The Light program (organized by CISV JB Vietnam) and social activities and events.

“Studying at Hanoi Adelaide School has helped me to form my own qualities and abilities, especially the “self-directed ability” to always be ready to answer the question “Who will I become in the future?” – Tung Duong shared.

  • Nguyen Do Quynh Anh (Class 12S1)

With the highest ATAR score in the top 9% in the world, Nguyen Do Quynh Anh (12S1) – valedictorian of the 1st Course –  has excellently won scholarships at prestigious Australian universities such as University of Western Sydney, Flinders University, University of South Australia,…

Despite receiving many offers for admission, Quynh Anh decided to choose RMIT Vietnam and pursue her passion for Creative Design. She is admitted directly to the school and in the process of applying for a 100% scholarship.

  • Pham Tran Phuong Nhi (Class 12S1)

Another prominent face of the Integrated Program is Pham Tran Phuong Nhi (12S1). She was admitted directly to international schools such as RMIT, Swinburne; and received valuable scholarships from many prestigious universities in the world such as Macquarie University, Western Sydney, etc.

Phuong Nhi expressed: “The Australian-Vietnamese Integration Program helped me graduate with an Australian high school diploma in just only 2.5 years of high school, so I got early admission at RMIT University. I am currently studying International Business here. The Australian high school program, especially Business Innovation, has helped me a lot, made me confident and not surprised at all when studying at university.”

  • Tran Xuan Duc (Class 12A2)

Tran Xuan Duc (12A2) is also a student who is always consistent with his goals and makes relentless efforts to pursue his passion. Xuan Duc is the owner of the Youtube channel DUCKYSAYHELLO with more than 67,000 subscribers – an impressive achievement.

To nurture his passion for being a YouTuber, Xuan Duc founded the Hanoi Adelaide School Media Club – a place where students with similar interests in filmmaking, photography and producing many impressive videos about the school come together. On the threshold of university entrance, Xuan Duc excelled at 7.0 IELTS and decided to major in Contemporary Art: “The personalized learning path at Hanoi Adelaide School has helped me build an ideal portfolio and achieve results. English helps me to get into my favorite university.”

Hanoi Adelaide School is extremely proud to be a place to give wings to their dreams and create conditions for students to pursue their goals! Wish all of you always confident and successful in your upcoming journey to university.

Hanoi Adelaide School

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